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Memory Lane fits all sizes of events. Below is a list of places that we charmed
with music that is simply unforgettable

January 03, 2023

Digital Technology International

This was the performance that started it all. I sang at work in a talent show: the first song was Sandy from Grease and then I sang Mack the Knife and I get a KIck out of You - after I changed from the Sandy's leather jacket and jeans to a nice black Tuxedo. They were very suprised and loved the whole thing.

February 23, 2023

Pirate Island Restaurant (amazing pizza!)

I sang at this restaurant and surprised many kids with some tunes from cartoons that they loved. A friend of mine came over and surprised me very much for i had not seen him for over a decade, but as he noticed I was going to sing there he decied to go with his family. I could tell people were enjoying all the songs, including the teens celebrating their prom night. 

May 28, 2023

Saint Marks Hospital H2U

This nurse called me to go sing to the patients there after learning about me from another place I sang. She knew ecactly what I was going to do and the patients were taken by surprise with something charming and at the same time fun.

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